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TrotCon 2014 Set Info (Post-Con)

Well, TrotCon is over, and it was fun. Had a blast and played some really cool songs.. Here’s a list of them!

1. Sonic Breakbeat - Destiny (Original Mix)
2. Henry Fong - Takin’ It Back (Original Mix)
3. Kraedt & Rayzer - Facet (Original Mix) [Collab with Goggles]
4. Twitch - Flutterborn (Sonic Breakbeat Remix Remastered)
5. Johan K & Desso - Maze (Original Mix)
6. Zedd - Stars Come Out (Original Mix)
7. Kraedt - Zero Gravity (Unreleased ‘TC2014’ Mix)
8. Archie ft. Polina - Here And Now (Henry Fong Remix)
9. Daniel Ingram - Babs Seed (Archie Remix SBb Extended Edit)
10. Zedd - Stay The Night (Zedd & Kevin Drew Remix)
11. Daniel Ingram - Becoming Popular (Archie Remix)
12. Kraedt - Pyromania (Original Mix)
13. Neesons - Wasp (Original Mix) [Had To Get Cut Out]

Unfortunately the performers began falling behind (due to small technical problems and such) and I had to cut a song out at the end of my set, but it’s aight because I felt like Pyromania would have been a good track to end on anyways.

Sadly I had a lack of time (and cellphone battery) to take any pictures and videos myself, except for maybe one or two I posted on my Twitter, which you can find at 

GTX Photography did take some awesome pictures of the rave, though! You can view all of them in his album here:

You can catch the full mix on YouTube now!

Or you can listen to the full mix in higher quality on Mixcloud:

Also here’s a link to my new YouTube and SoundCloud pages if you’ve missed ‘em in the update post:

















Oh my god

can you IMAGiNE walking in to something like this?


So my school put on a Silent Disco once, and it was one of the most hilarious experiences of my life. Admittedly it is probably slightly different in that everyone just downloaded a play list and we all tried to start them at the exact same second. But that didn’t work so we all danced to the music and it was fine, but like, people would start dancing crazy for sudden song dynamic shifts that you hadn’t gotten to yet, and just… it was hilarious.

But the best part really is taking your headphones off, especially during a song that everyone knows. Because everyone is singing and yelling to the song and without the music there, they sound like a bunch of drunk, yowling cats. It’s awful and hilarious.

The rest of the world doesn’t have silent discos?


Silent discos are amaaaaaazing. I went to one once and they handed out headphones that were connected to three different DJs, so you could just switch DJs whenever you wanted to. And it’s great because if you ever want to talk to someone you can just take your headphones off and there won’t be loud booming music.

oh my GOD


 My friend went to one when he was in England for like a month.

Do I smell a class fundraiser?



of course no one heard of silent discos. they’re silent

Silent! At the disco

American here. This concept is so bizarre that I was sure this was a false fact and the image photoshopped. The responses seem to imply otherwise.

Actually a fantastic idea… Ear damage from 100+db of sound averted!



Isn’t it amazing how a group of adult men can completely take over a show meant for little girls; making it virtually impossible to search or do anything related to the show without being exposed to over-sexualized, misogynistic, sexist crap, and they get a documentary that praises them for stepping outside of their perceived gender roles? Meanwhile 45% of the gaming community is comprised of women and I get dick pics and rape threats if I try and go on xbox live.

why?? why do 58,000+ people actually believe this shit without actually looking at it objectively??

why does everyone say its misogynistic to make a documentary about a cultural phenomenon (mlp:fim’s cult following) when the documentary has a ton of females involved (did you even watch it? its not about men being into the show, its about teenagers/adults, male, female, etc and its not subtracting from the feminist movement in any way so why does it have to do with your experience with 13 year old boys on xbox live)

why does everyone say its over sexualized (try google searching “my little pony” the first hits are hasbro and youtube links to full episodes) when its about as sexualized as every other well known cartoon with a cult following. (do people actually expect every single fucked up person on the internet to abstain from sexualizing a cartoon??? grow the fuck up and realize that people have sexual preferences and as long as they’re safe and have nothing to do with real life, why does it even matter??)

why does anyone even assume that its a show just meant for little girls? Doesn’t that defeat the whole point of Lauren Faust making it for both boys and girls and their parents?? 

why the fuck do you even care?

its a fucking cartoon, a lot of people like it (and theyre not all “little girls” wow holy shit who the fuck even cares) and some people follow it like a fandom and

wow. This is nothing new. This has been happening for decades. Calm the fuck down because:

- Its not being “taken over” by adult men. There are a lot of adult men who like it and why the fuck is that a problem?? There are also a lot of adult women, teenage boys and girls, etc etc so where is the “sexist crap”?? Little girls still watch it, and little boys watch it too so where is the problem?

- Its not virtually impossible to search for anything relating to the show. Try google searching “mlp:fim”, “my little pony”, or any of the characters and you’ll find the top results consisting of: youtube links to full episodes, episode clips, the hasbro website, and a “my little pony” wiki. (Wow holy shit thats pretty hard core wow man those misogynistic men really fucked up the whole show for everyone and infected the internet with their oversexualized crap wow ever try turning on “safe search” if you don’t want things that aren’t “safe”??)

- Its a pretty neat cartoon and, surprise!!, people on the internet like it and made a fandom and wow why is that really that shitty?? Why is it even a big deal to people not involved in it?? Isn’t tumblr the place where you “don’t hate people for what they like!!” or something??

Grow the fuck up and let socially awkward men enjoy a cartoon because its probably one of the most insignificant “problems” with our society right now and honestly its not a fucking problem and we should just leave it alone.

These people are not a detriment to society in any way and a documentary made by bronies about bronies is not actually hurting you or anyone else in any way so can we stop hyping this bullshit hate please??

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Anonymous asked:

I respect what you're doing with supporting your son, I really do, but supporting bronies isn't something that is good. I don't think that you should be speaking so positively about a group of middle aged men who are wanking to purple horse.


First off, let me say I am sorry that you are living in such a perverted world that this is your perception of truth. If you search for dark of anything it can and will be found. So I guess my question is.. WHAT EXACTLY WERE YOU SEARCHING FOR when YOU came to this conclusion? The people who believe this have a sad existence, but it is only the truly IGNORANT that continue to spread it. I don’t ask for you acceptance or support . AND I truly never want my son or his friends to come in contact with YOU!  I have learned long ago, some people’s opinions are not worth my time. I do, however thank you, as I can surely use your lack of knowledge to my benefit here. So I guess, I have to say … thank you for your lack of poise and grace………….  (but keep your not so wholesome self away from my son, as I truly have to wonder what type of person you are to have your thoughts in the gutter like this)


Honestly, this is the face of true perversion at it’s finest. The Brony community is NOT like this, yet grown people send to me how sick this group is, well who is the true pervert. The Bronies don’t think this way, so it is the darkside of the general public that does. It is those who would do the evil things they accuse the Brony Community of doing, rather than truly the fan base they attack for being good. Parents, I ask of you, think about this.. The Brony community that I have found is NOT like this. So why would this good upstanding citizen be declaring different? Obviously, it is because this GOOD upstanding person has been trolling the disgusting side of life looking for something to “believe in”.

AGAIN I STATE… if your child was not this type of person going into this fan base.. THEY STILL ARE NOT! This is why it is so important to educate yourself and not rely on unreliable sources who are trolling the darkside of life. I will not hide the ignorance that people whispered into my ear while I was a new Brony parent. I will not hide that this type of ignorant belief runs rampant in the general public. What I will ask of you is .. think.. does any of what that ANONYMOUS person stated truly fit in the lifestyle of your child? I look at this crap as it is…. Haters are going to HATE… just learn to Love and Tolerate the ignorant.

People need to stop trying to drag Lauren Faust to more brony conventions.


So today, Capper General and /MLP/ sent a message to Lauren Faust on twitter, offering up a bottle of 2003 Pinot Noir as a kicker to have her go to Babscon. Lauren declined politely as possible, stating that she doesn’t believe she has anything else relevant to add to all of the conversations, statements, and commentary she’s made over the years on the subject.

Which is honestly the reaction I would have expected, because honestly- why are these folks attempting to coax her into another brony convention?

(Inserting a read more here, because I’ve got a lot to say- please read and reblog if you have time.)

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Anonymous asked:

Oh no, I heard your album. I just didn't really like it. It seems like all the best pony musicians aren't making pony music anymore. :C



Well, I appreciate your honesty, but if you’re fixated solely on the pony aspect of the music, I think you might want to question why you’re listening to the music in the first place though.

Like, I wasn’t nearly as good as some of the other rappers in that fandom at the time. I also didn’t produce. I had only just started rapping when I somehow got a notoriety out of nowhere. So I don’t see how I was in any way in the echelon of the best. I still don’t consider myself very good, I just like making music for the sake of it. I think you’ll find that most of those musicians you speak of think along similar lines.

I think you’re one of those people I hear about that consider the amount of “pony” in a song to be its quality factor. But rather than come down on you for it I can give you some pointers to open your mind to what you’re actually listening to. Because I did used to be like you once. For about a year there all I listened to was pony music and nothing else. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

However, all these people you hear are all amateur musicians, myself very much included. If you listen to true masters of the craft, you’ll come back to this pony stuff and see it for what it really is: amateur. There’s a whole world of music out there that people have drawn their inspirations from in the fandom. One can consider it the ideal versus the replication; the latter isn’t gonna hold a candle to the ideal. 

I’m not gonna berate you for your mindset, I’m just telling you that you’re pigeonholing yourself incredibly deeply. You’re missing a lot and it’s a crying shame.

I’m not gonna compare myself to any of my influences, because I’m not on their level by any means. But if you want to listen to more stuff like the stuff I’d like to think I make, google these names. Listen to some professional music. It’ll do you some good;

Watsky, Dessa, Rage Against The Machine, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S., Astronautilus, Cecil Otter, Sims, Doomtree, B.Reith, The Jokerr, the list goes on from there up to the true professionals. Eminem, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj, etcetera etcetera.

Like, by all means, support the fandom musicians you like as well, just not ONLY for their pony music. Support the music they make for themselves too. It’s important.



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